About the artist

Juliette was born and grew up on the peninsula where she worked for the family's Wastepaper Co., where she earned her respect for the environment and learned the importance of making good use of our resources. As an Eco Artist, Juliette specializes in repurposing objects destined for landfills, and produces colorful textured fine art pieces which can be enjoyed for many years to come. She enjoys creating a therapeutic release on diverse surfaces by means of mediums such as fiber, wax manipulation, charcoal drawing, oil, acrylic, and metal repousse, just to name a few. In her small way she is “Saving the Earth by Means of the Arts”. 

Website: www.juliettemarshallecoartist.weebly.com

Facebook: juliette.cartermarshall

Email: jmarshall757@yahoo.com

Instagram: @jmarshall_ecoartist