Policy Basics


  • For City of Newport News residents, request for reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis no more than twelve (12) months in advance and no less than thirty (30) days before the requested date.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted within the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center without consent from the city of Newport News and a license from Alcoholic Beverage Control. A certificate of liability is required for all events having any alcoholic beverages.

  • The Facility Coordinator or designee must approve all requests for facility use and receive a deposit before they can be confirmed. Individuals wishing to tour the facility should make an appointment with the rental coordinator so as not to interfere with events in progress.



  • The use of confetti and or glitter is prohibited. The use of staples, tacks, or nails on doors, walls, windows or ceilings is forbidden.

  • All fire producing sources must be approved by facility staff prior to usage (ex. candles, Sterno pots, etc.).

  • The number of people in the facility and its rooms shall not exceed established capacity.

  • Caterers must be disclosed to the Facility Coordinator and must comply fully with all policies regarding room rental.

  • The space must be cleaned and returned to pre-rental condition upon conclusion of event:

    • Empty food and beverage containers, paper products, decorations and other trash must be thrown away.

    • All tables and chairs must be wiped off.

    • Kitchen equipment must be cleaned with refrigerators and ovens emptied.

    • If deemed necessary, an extra custodial fee will be added to the rental by the city of Newport News Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department.

  • Room usage or entry is prohibited prior to the pre-arranged scheduled time of use.

  • Hallways and entrances must be left clear of obstructions and should be accessible at all times.

  • Abusive, profane, threatening, or indecent language, attire and behavior are prohibited.



  • Cancellations received thirty (30) or more days from the reservation date will be refunded minus the deposit.

  • Cancellations made lass than twenty-nine (29) days from the reservation date will result in forfeit of all fees paid.

  • Full refunds are made if a rental is cancelled by the city of Newport News Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.