About the Artist

Who is Loscar Creations?  Maybe you have seen him on the runway, magazines or even on the TV screen. His name is Joel Alexis Grenald Ortiz (it's a Spanish thing), and he is fondly known as J. Ortiz. 

It's now time for the beginning of yet another venture, J. Ortiz will like to introduce the world to his creative spray paint art, LOSCAR CREATIONS!

This gentleman was born May of 1980 in the beautiful country of Panama. When his family made the decision to move they ended up in Brooklyn, NY. He credits most of his artistic talents to his father, as he recalls watching his dad draw various things as a child and being amazed. The other credits go to his upbringing in the streets of Brooklyn seeing the art of graffiti around every corner, which is why he was drawn to spray paint.

His art work is more than just art, it speaks to people in many different ways and that's what he wanted to do coming into this industry. He wanted to present his works of abstract, galaxy and scenery showing all facets of his character, all while being Original in a world full of imitators. He not only wants his art to be visually entertaining to the eyes but he also wants to send a message that “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to accomplish any goal in life”.

Contact: www.j-ortiz.com

Instagram: @Loscar_creations