About the Artist

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Ludovic has spent most of his life in Hampton, VA.  Ludovic started to draw and paint as a small child, and teachers and art instructors encouraged and helped develop his talent through high school. After graduating from high school, pursuing higher education and working in several fields, Ludovic for the most part, put art aside, marrying and raising a family. The desire to pursue art again came back, and after taking some art classes at Hampton’s Thomas Nelson Community College, he earned an associate’s degree in Fine Art in 2006 and began to exhibit artwork in the Hampton Roads, VA, region. Once Ludovic began to exhibit his paintings in local shows, exhibits, galleries and art centers he received commissions from collectors and institutions, won awards and has had artwork purchased by the city of Hampton, VA.

Ludovic’s artwork consists of acrylic paintings, drawings, mixed media and some photography.  Ludovic says, “I embrace diversity in my artwork, in the media used, the style, and the subject matter.” “Some artists just stick with the same subjects, - portraits, and still life’s, landscapes, etc. or all of their work is done in the same style, photo realism, impressionist, expressionist etc.  I have embraced and done work using all of these styles and subjects, sometimes using several in one piece. As an African-American most of my work is rooted in African-American themes, but some of my work is mainstream also. The end result of what I do is based on what I’m trying to express, and how I want it presented”.

Email: 4lsiv@verizon.net