About the Artist 

My interest in The Art of Storytelling, Creativity and The Arts stems from a complex childhood - as a multi country immigrant, growing up as the daughter of fundamentalist, Pentecostal parents and an unfortunate incident that happened to me in my childhood.  These shaped my future and my reality.

Between the ages of four and five a stranger molested me when I was on my way home from school. I became silent for nearly five years. I spent years wishing I could find my voice again and use it.

One day I realized I was healing. It started when I was emigrating from England to Canada.

Years later I became a professional storyteller. I worked in schools, centers and theaters. By now storytelling offered an additional bonus. It helped me circumvent the racism and sexism I experienced in mainstream theater and the world at large. It made it possible for me to share my humanity. All "isms" survive based on dehumanizing the "other" With storytelling I overcame sexual abuse and a dysfunctional family. Today (just as I had done on the ship) I create "community" using this amazing art form.

In my 40s, MS and diabetes sidelined me. Once again I lost "my voice". Following a divorce I became homeless. Fatigue from MS and diabetes, slurred speech, balance problems and impaired cognitive skills made being employed a problem. I had to re-invent myself, The Art of Storytelling, Creativity and the Arts were an accessible, affordable solution. Because of my health issues I could not tour. I learned how to tell stories through writing, fashion, painting and collages and teaching. Every day is unpredictable because of my health issues. Creative expression helps normalize my life and despite financial difficulties I have a rich full life because of the Art of Storytelling.


"Using the Arts and The Art of Storytelling to give voice and visibility to the unheard and unseen, to fill the world with love, joy and hope and to increase humanity's empathy, care and compassion."

Website: www.doingforourselves.com

Email: doingforourselves@yahoo.com