About the Artist

Miriam Moran is a New York born up-and-coming artist residing in Maryland. She is a devout Christian and is passionate about her artistry. Miriam says a prayer before starting every art piece. She has a personal connection to every piece of artwork she creates.

Some more valuable than others she still conveys passion in every brushstroke. One of her strongest traits as a visual artist is her ability to transfer all of her emotions into every masterpiece. She has painted for well- known public figures as well as inspiring the youth to dream and to achieve through her story behind the artwork. Miriam hopes to continually be known for the passion and style in her art as well as stirring up soulful emotional connections through her pieces.

You can find Miriam's artistic material on IG, FB and Twitter.


Email: mmheartline@gmail.com

Instagram: @artistmiriammoran