Special Collection: The Earlier Americans, Algonquians

This show consists of 10 (24in x 24in) portraits of Early Native Americans based on works by John White, Theodor de Bry, Michael van Meer and other colonial explorer artists.

Artist Statement

I believe the purpose of art is to inspire the imagination and connect us with our humanity. I want my work to fulfill those needs in my audience.

As a child I wanted to change the world. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make a big splash. From the past to the present and in between I have learned of life’s limitations. And, that you must confront every limitation with innovation. I continue to apply this concept to my art.

My conceptual process comes from life experiences, and succeeds and fails within my ability to create physical and emotional substance. Art is the container for a compelling story, and it keeps the promise alive not by what I see but by what I know is there.

I love a challenge. Sometimes I try to imagine the impossible then create it. I use vivid colors symbolically rather than realistically. Lines and forms are simplified or even distorted for better expression. Images are alive and intuitive and only the colors of my pallet can render the emotions of that visual awareness.

“In the end my reward comes when the viewer gets something more than they expect. For me, no matter how perfect a painting is, it will not win a place in our heart unless it can appeal to our deeper emotions.”

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