If you are requesting to sponsor a specific event, we ask that you please complete the form no less than 5 business days before the event is scheduled. The form will be reviewed by the Marketing Coordinator and you will be contacted regarding approval. For any further questions about the form, please feel free to call us at 757-247-8950 or send us an email at downing-gross@nnva.gov.

Please complete the form below.

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Company Address
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Point of Contact
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If applicable, please submit a link to view your portfolio or proof of your work if it differs from your company website.
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Date of Event
If you are offering media sponsorship for multiple events, please list the soonest event date that you are looking to sponsor.
Maximum of 3 people. The names will be printed on press passes and provided by the Marketing Coordinator. Please note that seating may not be provided in the event space.
Sponsorship requests
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please select all that apply. requests may be denied in light of limitations placed by pre-existing contractual agreements with the artist(s), and/or denial by the artist(s). you will be notified of the status of your request prior to the event.
Sponsorship returns
I acknowledge that in return, I will be required to acknowledge Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center in the dissemination of the media content acquired from the event. I am also required to send a copy of the created material to Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center for approval prior to posting. Watermarking and branding is permitted. I acknowledge that this is an unwaged agreement. Any compensation is addressed in a separate document as a contract for services. Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center and the City of Newport News is not responsible for any equipment that is lost, damaged, or stolen. Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center and the City of Newport News is not responsible for any injury sustained during the event. I have reviewed the information above and confirm that it is correct. *
Failure to comply will result in suspension of media sponsorship eligibility for one year.