About the Exhibit

“Paint The Feeling” is a variety of pieces that show the diversity of the painter’s artistic expression, which come from moments of thought and vision displayed on canvas with a meaning. “Paint The Feeling” captures anything from sports, life, politics, music, or design emanating from the wild imagination unique to an artist.

During the month of August, Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center hosts the “Out of the Classroom” exhibit which is exclusively comprised of works by an artist who teaches. Mr. Wardrett regularly volunteers his time, giving art lessons to students during the school year.

About the artist

Anthony Leon Wardrett was born February 10, 1969 in Newport News, VA to Leroy & Eunice Wardrett. At the age of 7, Anthony discovered he had a talent for art. He loved drawing both comic book and Looney Tune characters so much, that he and his mother would draw pictures on Saturday mornings after watching cartoons. In 1976, Anthony drew his first picture of Tweety Bird and Sylvester the Cat, which his mother still has framed in her house today. From that moment on, Anthony knew art was his passion. Anthony’s passion for art continued from elementary school through high school. His talents, as well as his drawings, were recognized for various awards. After graduating from Hampton High School in 1987, Anthony went on to attend Virginia State University where he studied Commercial Arts. Anthony currently works for the Hampton City School system, where he enjoys working with students of all ages. He volunteers his time doing, “Paint Day” for various clubs and organizations throughout the surrounding middle schools. Anthony still resides locally in Newport News.

*Mr. Wardrett was one of six artists to win a purchase award with the City of Hampton. His piece “Sonny”, which debuted in this exhibit, was displayed at the Hampton Roads Convention Center until May 2017! Congratulations Mr. Wardrett!