About the Exhibit

During this iconic season, we celebrate a truly legendary photographer, James “Spider” Martin. Travel back to Selma in 1965 through these powerful images that he risked his life to take. Demonstrating his commitment to remember history exactly as it was, the photographs of Spider Martin reveal the truth in black and white.

This exhibit will be on display October - November 2019 featuring a very special reception on October 10th.

About the Artist


James “Spider” Martin

Born in Fairfield, Alabama in 1939, James “Spider” Martin was a photographer, best known for his work documenting the American Civil Rights Movement. He received the nickname “Spider” in youth as a small framed football player who moved “like a spider” on the field. This name stuck with him as he would later use his nimbleness to climb trees and buildings, in effort to capture the perfect photo. For more information on this icon of photography, click here.


Gallery Images Coming Soon!